At Impact Care, we believe that every person has an equal opportunity of living a happy, comfortable, and relaxed life. Our practice was founded to help people with assistance and advanced care services to help them realise their potential. We recognise that economic and social independence are important aspects of living a life of dignity. We focus our service on ensuring the same. We deliver services across Australia by focusing on assisting the people with disabilities in Australia.

Why Choose Us?

Impact Care is your trusted provider of NDIS-supported services in Australia. We cater to the needs of all people who require care and support with their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing by connecting them with various specialists and support groups, as well as assisting them with any difficulty, as part of the NDIS services.

We have a team of trained and registered support workers and specialists who are compassionate and will ensure that the participants can live an independent and fulfilling life with minimum requirements. Moreover, apart from our range of services, we also provide accommodation and tenancy options with assistance to make the participant’s life more comfortable. Through Impact Care, participants can also procure assistive technology products that will improve their way of living at home and when they travel to other places.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services. You can call Impact Care on 03 8820 5971 to speak to our representative.